Door Styles in Sterling Heights MI

Door styles affect more than just curb appeal; they impact your home’s security, safety and energy efficiency. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Commercial builders and business owners rely on USA Fire Door to provide fire rated doors, hollow metal doors & frames, solid core wood doors and commercial door hardware. They are available in a wide range of single and double door configurations and are often code compliant.

Slab Panel

Slab door styles are a great choice for interior projects, as they typically don’t require weather-proofing like pre-hung doors. They also allow homeowners to reuse hinges, which can help save on costs.

You can find slab doors made from a variety of materials, including wood and wood composites. They can be hollow or solid-core, and can feature panels or be flat. Hollow-core slab doors are often used for closets, bedrooms and bathrooms, while solid-core slabs may be a better choice for entryways or rooms that need soundproofing.

If you decide to go with a slab door, it’s important to have the proper tools on hand for installation. A few key items include a hammer, nails, power drill with various bits, wood chisel, pry bar and spring clamps. Once you’ve assembled your tools, the fastest way to hang a new slab door is to copy the configuration of the door it will be replacing. This will speed up the process of creating mortises for the hinges.


Whether you’re welcoming a new baby to the nursery or remodeling the home office, upgraded interior doors add a finished look to your rooms and give your home character. With raised panels and ornate details, these classic styles evoke timeless style.

Choosing the Right Material

Front door materials impact more than just appearance. They affect durability and maintenance requirements, as well as energy efficiency. Selecting a door with the appropriate construction and insulation can significantly lower your monthly utility costs.

A local interior design professional can help you make the best choice for your space. These professionals have a formal education in designing functional and appealing spaces. They can also help you navigate the complexities of your renovation project.

The transitional front door line from Glenview Doors Michigan is the perfect solution for homeowners who want clean lines that are softened by elegant detail. It’s the ideal balance between modern style and traditional architecture, providing a versatile option that will work with any decorating trends that come and go.


The right doors can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your home. They can boost the aesthetic and influence the ambiance, as well as shape your energy efficiency and monthly bills. Whether you’re remodeling your entire house or simply updating one room, door installation experts in Sterling Heights can help.

Modern interior design styles like minimalism, industrialism, and more often use sleek materials and clean lines. They can also incorporate large expanses of glass, which allow natural light to flood a space and create a spacious feeling.

Interior designers create functional and appealing spaces, collaborating with other professionals to manage projects from start to finish. They typically have a formal education in the field and offer a comprehensive approach to your renovation. Decorators, on the other hand, specialize in surface-level aesthetics like paint colors and furnishings, and can work independently or for a decorating firm.


Glass doors add a modern feel to any interior design scheme and can open up a home, making it feel more spacious. They can be framed in aluminum or wood, and they come in sliding, pivot, bi-fold, and stacking varieties. They can also be hung as a slab or pre-hung.

For a more traditional look, choose doors with wooden frames, which offer a warm, timeless aesthetic. Wooden doors are also durable, and they’re less likely to warp or swell over time. They’re available in swinging, sliding, and pivot versions and can be hung as a slab or pre-hung.

Upgrading your interior doors is an affordable way to improve your home’s functionality and appearance. EcoView Windows & Doors of Detroit North provides custom door installation services to help homeowners achieve their remodeling goals. They’re experts in installing a wide range of doors for homeowners, including slab and pre-hung models. They also specialize in new door replacements, offering quality craftsmanship and care to every customer.