Upgrade Your Front Entry Doors and Improve Your Home’s Security

Upgrading your front door is a great way to improve your home’s security and energy efficiency. There are many different options to choose from, including a wide range of colors and styles.

Choose a style that compliments your home’s architecture. Also, select the right hardware for your new door—entry, privacy, and passage locks each have different features to consider.

Curb Appeal

A first impression can shape how people see your home for a long time. Sticky cobwebs, chipped paint and rusted hardware aren’t going to inspire admiration in prospective buyers, who might wonder what other unappealing features they’ll encounter inside.

A new door color can transform the entryway and give a fresh look to the entire exterior. Our front door suppliers can help you select a color that matches your home style. Whether it’s the patriotic red of window shutters on a rustic cabin or shades of blue that complement a beach cottage, color can help your front door stand out.

Update other front door accessories like a new mat, doorknob and mailbox to enhance the entryway’s visual appeal. Here, a starburst-style doorknob and polka-dot mat play up the fun, midcentury modern design of this punchy crimson door. The angled windows, matching sconce and sleek 1930s mailbox are also a nod to the door’s style. This curb appeal idea is an easy DIY project with big style.


The front door is a key security measure for your home, providing a barrier between you and the outside world. While some people believe burglars have to climb windows or creep through chimneys, the truth is that 65% of burglars use doors to gain entry into homes.

This is why it’s so important to ensure your front door has the right security measures in place. These might include a thicker frame, extra locks or deadbolts, or other features that prevent easy access to the inside of your home.

Your door installer can also help with landscaping, which reduces hiding spots for criminals by removing shrubs and bushes around your entrance. It’s a simple way to boost the security of your home and save money on your energy bill. Contact a dealer near Sterling Heights to learn more about upgrading your interior and exterior doors with quality options that are durable, visually appealing and secure. They can even add to the resale value of your property.


Front doors are the primary barrier between a home and the outside environment. For this reason, they must be able to withstand a variety of environmental factors and conditions like extreme weather and temperature fluctuations.

Aside from resistance to damage, the material of a front door should complement a house’s architectural style. For example, a steel door may better suit a modern or contemporary design while wood is appropriate for rustic-style homes.

In addition, homeowners should consider the door’s maintenance requirements. Some materials require less frequent upkeep than others, such as fiberglass and steel. Others may need to be repainted, such as wood.

When choosing a new entry door, homeowners should also consider the addition of extra windows, such as a transom or sidelight. These windows can improve a home’s aesthetics while increasing its energy efficiency. Our technicians at EcoView can help homeowners determine the right options to fit their needs. Learn more about our products and installation services by contacting us today.


The doors in your home are the primary barrier between your home’s interior and the outside environment. They protect you from harsh weather, intruders, and cold temperatures while letting natural light filter in on warm days. They need to be strong and attractive, blending with your existing aesthetic while complementing the room they’re installed in.

If you want your exterior doors to last longer, consider installing storm doors. These are available in both full glass and screen designs and can prolong the life of your front door by protecting it from snow, wind, rain, and ice. They can also insulate your home and allow you to enjoy fresh outdoor breezes without letting in flies and other pests.

Replacing your interior doors with updated models can transform living spaces and add character to your home. They can also increase your property’s value if you plan on selling your home in the future. This is a great investment for your home and can be done in a timely manner with the help of professional installers.