Casement Windows – Not All Window Types Are Created Equal

Casement windows Sterling Heights MI

Whether you want to increase natural light in your home or improve its appearance, windows can help. But, not all window types are created equal.

In fact, some can cost significantly more than others. The cost of replacement windows depends on the size, frame type and style, and energy efficiency goals.

Double Hung

Modern double hung windows allow air to flow through the house and are easy to clean. They are also available in a wide range of colors. They are a good choice for those who want to add a little bit of style to their home.

Drafty windows let too much heat escape during the winter, forcing you to run your heating more frequently. New replacement windows will help you save money and keep your home comfortable all year round.

Single Hung

Window frame material and style play crucial roles in achieving energy savings, elevating comfort, and enhancing aesthetics. Choosing the right frame materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl, and glass type, like Low-E, tempered, insulated, tinted, or frosted, aligns seamlessly with your energy efficiency goals.

Aluminum frames are an attractive option for homeowners who prioritize durability and weather resistance. They are corrosion-resistant and highly durable, which helps them to withstand Sterling Heights’ challenging climate conditions. Aluminum frames also feature sleek, modern looks that complement contemporary home designs.

Dual Pane

Windows are an important part of a home and should be properly installed. If not, leaks and drafts can lead to expensive repairs and increased energy usage.

The choice of frame material and glass type directly influences energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics. Choosing the right double hung, casement, awning, sliding, bay, or bow frame style helps homeowners achieve their desired level of energy efficiency.

Fiberglass frames pair well with a wide range of glass types, including Low-E, tempered, insulated, and tinted. These options help reduce solar heat gain and improve insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs.

Triple Pane

Homeowners are increasingly embracing window replacement as a way to maximize energy efficiency and improve comfort. The type of frame and glass chosen to adorn the windows has an impact on both these objectives.

Fiberglass frames are an attractive option for homeowners that prioritize durability and energy efficiency. They can be paired with various glass types, including low-E, tempered, insulated, tinted, and frosted.

Frame styles such as awning, sliding, bay, and bow offer unique aesthetics and architectural character to homes. Their structural integrity also contributes to their ability to insulate against temperature fluctuations and exterior noise.

Single Sash

Bring a wistful, nostalgic feel to your home with casement windows. They’re not just for Tudor homes or woodland cottages, they work well with most design styles.

Easy to operate, casements open wide for fresh air and allow you to clean windows on both sides from inside the house. Their rugged hardware and seal design make them up to 3 times easier to operate than traditional hung windows.

Aspect 1800 casements also deliver superior energy efficiency, with U-Values that are up to 30% better than conventional windows.

Double Sash

When old windows let in cold air and raise energy costs, they can be replaced with replacement windows that offer higher efficiency and improved comfort. In many cases, older windows can be repaired and restored instead of replaced with new ones.

Renewal by Andersen is a manufacturer of high-quality window replacements. It has 27 years of experience in the industry and its reputation is backed by hundreds of positive reviews from customers online. It also offers in-home estimates and advanced digital tools that help homeowners plan their projects.


Typically installed above doorways in the home, transom windows allow natural light to enter and reduce the need for artificial lighting. They also add architectural interest and increase home value.

Depending on the style of your home and energy efficiency goals, you can choose from fixed or operable transom windows. The type of glass you use can also affect the cost. Clear glass is the most common, but tinted or frosted options are available for a more decorative look.


Many homeowners prefer Casement windows because they provide a clear view without bars obstructing the glass. They also offer better ventilation with the ability to open them to a ninety-degree angle.

Unlike sliding or double-hung windows that use sashes to open, casement windows are hinged at the side and opened using a window handle. They can fit into narrow and tall windows openings and are easily cleaned from the inside. They’re energy efficient as well, particularly with argon gas and low-e coating.