Types of Residential Windows in Sterling Heights MI

Residential windows Sterling Heights MI

Windows are essential to your home’s design, functionality and feel. When they don’t work well, it can affect your energy bills and comfort levels.

A professional can help you select the right window for your home and budget. They can also offer advice on how to maintain your windows.

Bay & Bow Windows

Your windows are an essential part of your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency. Choosing the right windows for your property depends on your home’s architecture, weather and your preferences.

A bay or bow window adds beauty and dimension to a flat wall, creating an architectural masterpiece and enhancing curb appeal. These windows are comprised of three or more windows positioned to each other in an angled or curved shape, and offer myriad benefits like extended views, spacious window seats and increased natural light. Moreover, they can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Casement Windows

Whether you’re a contractor working on a new project or a homeowner looking to improve living spaces, our Casement and Awning Windows offer ventilation and style. Choose from several series to meet your design and functionality needs.

You’ll also save money on energy bills with premium window replacements. Old, drafty windows let heat escape outdoors during winter and cause you to run your heating system more frequently; likewise, they let hot air in during summer. With our energy-efficient window options, you can reduce these inefficiencies and enjoy a more comfortable home. Guarantees and extended support packages are great additions, too. Find out what a company’s guarantees and warranties cover before making a decision.

Double Hung Windows

Window styles play a major role in the overall aesthetic and energy efficiency of your home. Whether you need to replace an existing set or build a new home, local experts can help you find the right windows to meet your requirements.

Poorly-fitting, old and outdated windows leak cold air and let in drafts. They also contribute to high energy bills.

Select a window installation company with suitable credentials from reputable companies and associations like the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (formerly AMMA). Review customer feedback to ensure the contractor regularly delivers great workmanship and service. Choose a full-frame installation service if your windows have significant rot or deterioration.

Single Hung Windows

Many older homes in Michigan have single-hung windows. However, if they haven’t been properly maintained, their frames may be cracking or warping and they might not lock securely. This makes it a good idea to replace your single-pane windows with new double-hung replacement windows for improved energy efficiency and comfort.

A single-hung window opens by sliding the bottom pane upward. This allows for controlled ventilation and airflow while keeping the space outside secure.

Window installation experts can help you find the best single-hung windows for your home and budget. They can also recommend great energy-efficient replacement window options that will reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Sliding Windows

Adding fresh air and natural light to rooms throughout your home, sliding windows (also known as glider windows) offer a clean aesthetic that works well with most architectural styles. Sliding windows are also ideal for wide spaces where a swinging sash would get in the way, but you need ventilation and light.

Energy Efficient: Slider windows feature interlocking meeting rails between the pains and don’t use springs or pulleys, which wear out over time. This simple design makes sliding windows one of the most affordable window replacement options.

Upgrade to new sliding windows for your home to improve your view of the outdoors and lower your energy bills.

Picture Windows

Like the name suggests, picture windows offer a broad and uninterrupted vista of the outdoors. Unlike other types of windows, these don’t open so their sealed, energy-efficient design optimizes insulation. Their expansive nature floods interiors with natural light and amplifies rooms’ perceived sizes, enriching your home with a luminous glow.

Upgrading to energy-efficient window replacements is an excellent way to save money on your utility bills. The Department of Energy estimates that heat gained or lost through your windows accounts for 25%-30% of your energy costs. Contact local window installers to learn about your options. They can recommend full-frame or pocket installations that match your needs, house style and budget.