Casement Windows for Your Home in Sterling Heights MI

The windows you choose to install in your home are not just an aesthetic consideration, but also play a significant role in your energy efficiency and comfort.

Casement windows hinge on one side and open like a door, using a crank. They give you an unobstructed view and add a modern flair to any space.


Bring the outdoors inside with a bay window, a larger central picture window with two smaller windows on either side called “flankers”. It’s a popular choice for homeowners looking to maximize natural light and view, create more space in a room, and add architectural interest.

These are ideal for a dining area, living room or family room to increase seating capacity and create a focal point. They can also increase a home’s resale value and curb appeal. They frame enviable vistas and become the architectural highlight of your home. They can even work on first floor rooms such as bathrooms or basements.


As homeowners embark on window replacement projects to improve energy efficiency and enhance aesthetics, the frame style and glass type choices they make play a critical role in achieving those goals. They need to align with their values and preferences for their homes in Sterling Heights MI.

Bow windows combines four or more casement windows into a graceful arc to usher in abundant natural light. This can make rooms feel more spacious.

They are also a good choice for homeowners who want to protect their furnishings from damaging UV radiation. They can be easily opened and closed with a crank. The multi-locking point system increases security, as well. They are more energy efficient than conventional windows due to their tight seal, which prevents heat from escaping outdoors in winter or entering indoors in summer.

Dual Pane

Today’s homeowners are demanding more than aesthetics, they want home improvements that will save them money on energy costs. These new replacement windows meet those demands and more.

They are made with frames that are 52% stronger than regular vinyl and are performance tested for weathering, durability, and color retention. They are available in a wide range of style options so you can get the look that fits your home.

They are extremely energy efficient with a double pane design that features argon gas between the glass and low-e coating. The insulating gaps between the two panes help keep heat out in the winter and cool air in during the summer. They also block harmful UV rays. These are great for any room in the house.

Triple Pane

Three panes of glass provide a stronger seal, reduce noise, and boost energy efficiency. With two spaces to fill with an insulating gas like argon, triple pane windows prevent heat transfer between your home and the cold outside air in winter and hot outdoor air in summer.

The acoustic properties of the multiple layers reduce street noise, airplane noise and other distractions to create a calmer indoor environment. They also help maintain consistent temperatures and reduce cold spots while protecting furniture, flooring and other interior items from harmful UV rays.

While triple pane windows cost more than double pane, they typically pay for themselves in reduced energy costs and improved comfort over time. Fiberglass and vinyl frame options support the additional weight of triple pane windows to ensure they’re a durable, long-lasting addition to your home.


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Hinged from one side and opening similar to a door using a crank, Casement windows are highly air tight and an excellent option for the energy conscious homeowner in Sterling Heights MI. They are especially effective when combined with a double or triple pane window and Low E coated glass. These features can significantly reduce your home’s heating and cooling costs. They also add value to your home and bring in more natural light.